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The body that barfs

ToTo say I live in an unruly body presupposes that the body and the mind are separate things: I inhabit this place, rather than I am this place. This separation is something I’m working to dismantle for and in myself, though that separation served me very, very well for as long as my body allowed.

So why dismantle it? Because it is the challenge I repeatedly haven’t faced. Because I…




A new magazine from Roxane Gay offering some of the most interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism to be found on the Web. Our first quarterly is coming in June 2019. We value deep explorations, timelessness, and challenging conventional thinking without being cheap and lazy.

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Jennine Capó Crucet

Jennine Capó Crucet

Author of MAKE YOUR HOME AMONG STRANGERS and HOW TO LEAVE HIALEAH. Forthcoming essay collection, NEVER IMAGINED ME HERE. First-gen college kid, Latinx, #305.

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