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Self-Portrait of a Panic Attack

No one could articulate my anxiety. That language had to come from within me.

Illustration by Carmen Johns

I’I’m told that in the first grade I cried every day, usually late morning, my sobs so uncontrollable that the student teacher who acted as an aid to our class would have to take me outside until I could calm down. No one knew why I was crying, not even me. I’d started kindergarten…




A new magazine from Roxane Gay offering some of the most interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism to be found on the Web. Our first quarterly is coming in June 2019. We value deep explorations, timelessness, and challenging conventional thinking without being cheap and lazy.

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Sarah Rosenthal

Sarah Rosenthal

Sarah Rosenthal is a Nonfiction Writing MFA candidate at Columbia University. Her work can be found at LitHub, Electric Lit, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency.

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