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Mother Land

People long for clear narratives, but reality isn’t like that

Illustration by Carmen Johns

FFor people who know my mother, they know she is an amazing trailblazer who established a center for Korean immigrants — and is also a somewhat difficult woman. The two probably go hand in hand, like where the fresh water of a river meets the saline of the sea, impossible to separate out which is which, the currents and proportions are…




A new magazine from Roxane Gay offering some of the most interesting and thoughtful cultural criticism to be found on the Web. Our first quarterly is coming in June 2019. We value deep explorations, timelessness, and challenging conventional thinking without being cheap and lazy.

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marie myung-ok lee

marie myung-ok lee

Columbia faculty, Writer-in-Residence. Simon & Schuster author. Slate, Salon, NY Times, @Guardian, @TheAtlantic. Famous for being from Bob Dylan's hometown

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